This is How You Can Design and Fly Your Own Drone. Pretty Amazing

January 16, 2017  —  By

In today’s era, drones are designed and used to serve several purposes including zooming around almost everywhere. Most Scientists use drones during their vulcanicity study where as others fly them as a hobby.

Multicopter drones use their propellers to turn or go up and down. But the ones available to consumers can’t fit every need. For example, a scientist who wants to attach a special camera may find that the drone’s propellers block its view. Or, a drone might need to carry an object with an irregular shape. Say, for instance, you wanted a drone to carry an egg. With an off-the-shelf model, you’d have to rig up something that might destabilize it and cause it to crash. But if you design your own, you can build an egg carrier and choose a design that will keep it stable.

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(via MITCSAIL/YouTube)

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