Abandoned Dog With A Broken Leg Leads Rescuers To Help Her Newborn Puppies

January 21, 2017  —  By

A badly injured Greyhound led a veterinarian two miles to an abandoned car where she had given birth to ten puppies so her babies could be looked after.

Lianne Powell found the stray dog limping around a market in Vera, Spain, and took her to a local vet for treatment. But after noticing the dog was producing milk and must have given birth recently, vet Ellen Sobry and Lianne began searching for the puppies.

“Vera and her puppies are doing fantastic and they are all healthy,” Sobry told Daily Mail. “Her broken leg was fresh but we don’t really know what happened, she could have been hit by a car but she had no other wounds, maybe someone kicked her but we just don’t know – it was a clean break.

“Now she is recovering great, the only thing she has to worry about now is eating, feeding her puppies and sleeping. She’s a little bit timid, but she’s not too scared.”

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